Liz Robertson + Ju Rocha

At Robertson+Rocha we’re reinventing the meaning behind interior design. We believe that the spaces we surround ourselves in hold energy and power, contribute to our emotions, our physical and mental wellbeing and our sense of belonging. Our designs are created to be harmonic spaces for our clients; spaces that encourage relaxation and productivity, comfort and growth, belonging and adaptation, boldness and intricacy.

Our mission isn’t just to create more beautiful spaces in the world, it’s to create more meaningful ones; spaces that aren’t limited by current technology, fashions or trends. By bringing aspects of the natural world into our designs, we’re not only advocating for sustainability, but creating an eternal space within our ever changing industrial world – a space in which modern humans can thrive. We believe our work is needed now more than ever, that the world needs more havens within our urban jungles, places humans can reconnect with themselves, each other and the natural world.

We know that everyday life isn’t linear, so why should our homes be? Your home is the place you create memories, tell stories, work, relax, play. Your home reflects the very essence of who you are and what you love. Although the position of your armchairs, the thread count of your pillowcase, or the shade of your rug can be important, they should be chosen with the purpose to tell a narrative – your narrative.

At Robertson+Rocha, our team of highly trained designers are passionate about creating beautiful and therapeutic spaces that reflect and celebrate the diversity of spaces, of styles, of everyday routines. We believe that spatial perfection is out there, and it’s right at our fingertips.